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With Moss you create a highlight in your rooms. These evergreen moss pictures and walls do not require light, water or fertilizer.

For this reason the thickly greened wall panels are currently one of the most popular products of our GREEN product line. The viewer feels the impulse to touch the soft moss pictures and walls, to feel the singular sensation of the natural moss on the skin.

Whether a small moss picture or a large area, Evergreen has a calming effect, regulates the room climate and absorbs sound.

We offer moss green or apple green as ourstandard colours. White, orange, pink, red, blue and black are available as special orders.

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Großes Waldmoosbild mit Beleuchtung in einem weißen Showroom.
Verkaufsraum mit Aquarien, die vor einer Mooswand aufgestellt sind.
Greenwood Mooswände und Moosbilder
Greenwood Mooswände und -buchstaben
Messe, BAU 2013. Von der Decke hängt eine 100 m² große Mooswand.